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Frost Fall, Month Gelu

Offering a detailed, lush, medieval fantasy environment with opportunities for epic tales and excitement lurking at every turn, TEAIR NOVA is a haven for writers that yearn for something different from the norm. Nova is a large Kingdom smack dab in the middle of a grand forest and edge of a jagged Mountain Pass; on a planet called Teair. People from all over the world flock to the capital Kingdom Nova because it's very special: Ruled by gods; A fallen deity by the name of Fate has found a way to bring other beings from different worlds, future time and or history into the planet through a crystal called " Soul " . With every being brought to the world of Teair, They always seem to spawn in kingdom Nova..... Or it used to be that way until rumors of Fated Rebels started to spread...

Now those who are ported into the world are spawning in a place called Gallows Bane, a underground town outside of Nova built to protect the beings that are dubbed 'Fated' -- counted on how they arrived here by 'HIS' the God of Destiny's power, Fate. Right now The Fated are not liked so much; Plus the native folks of Nova are on edge after what happened during a horrible explosion caused by the rumored Rebels to free a "Fated" traitor during a execution. With the outlaw woman at large; the King of Nova has become on edge. Nova is becoming dangerous.... So do you dare to enter and change the outcome of this world?

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Relationship Status

Courting with Sareth Edara




I am Heterosexual


Hair Color/Style: Violet with a hint of royal purple towards the roots, Her hair is also extremely long and wavy towards the ends.

Eye color: Lavender with teal ringlets in her eyes.

Skin Color: olive skin that is speckled with violet and teal dragon scales around her shoulders, thighs, and slightly around the cheeks.

Body Type: Hourglass frame with slightly toned features.

Clothing - Detailed Appearance: To your average citizen, Melania stands around 5'11" and has similar features to a High Elf..Though with the Kray blood flowing through her veins; Melania aka Mysteria, has long lavender hair that falls past her ankles to where the tips are barely dusting the floor.. Though her hair is often down, She does wear it up time to time by pulling it back into a decorative braided bun in the presence of the King or Royal Family - depending on the occasion. Melania also has a unique feature, which are long pointed elvish style ears that stick out from underneath her hair. This being said, it is often that she is mistaken for being a Elf instead of her true race which is Kray, a rare race that many have not seen or heard about. so Her features are soft and fair, with skin resembling olive cream and her cheeks sporting small splotches of tiny shimmering teal-violet scales. Her eyes a deep pool of lavender with ringlets of teal surrounding her pupils. Patches of scales, the same color as the ones on her cheeks, also appear around her back, shoulders, and thighs. The scales become more defined, knitted together and more noticeable down her spine. When it comes to her attire, Melania does not hold back. Often found in long, elegant dark color gowns and corsets that are laced up with fine ribbons and twine. Her outfits vary depending on what her mood is for the day. Though She has been seen wearing pants and simple folk attire before, but that is normally on very rare occasions. .



Relaxing in the Forever Forest or Gallows Inn, Bella and Stella, Milk Chocolate brought over by the Fated people. The God of Fate, Night Time, Long Dresses and exotic species.


Dishonesty, Disrespect, Foul Smells, Oceans or very large bodies of water. Helena the Goddess of Souls an Caster the Goddess of Manna an Chaos.


Engineering, Dark Magic, Tracking,


Can't swim very well.


As a Kray, Mysteria does not share the same emotions as a normal mortal human being. Her views on life are far different than most Nova citizens and as the advisor for the King of Nova, Mysteria has barely any time to 'have' normal characteristics.. While in the presence of the court, she often has to keep a strait face when dealing with the King, the Royal Family and above all the Mage Guards. When it comes to dealing with the Royal family, and the Mage Guard, she is often aloof and hard to find... That is until things meet a rock and a hard place that is, then she springs into action without question. However, when she does manage to slip away from the Palace and into the city. The woman becomes more lively and carefree, often taking the away time to enjoy a drink or two. After all, she has a reputation to uphold in the King's Court as the so called 'King's Serpent'.

The 'cold' and 'Mysterious' Kray woman that has worked in the Noru family for generations. With a light hearted smile and a very dark hidden side about her. Her thirst for knowledge drives her to perform better and seek solutions to UN-solvable problems. To her, her surroundings are only a fraction of the time she has spent on the world so far. She is always watching and never does anything with out purpose or reason. Often that purpose if for her own gain or for the king, Noku Noru. As the King's Serpent she often is asked to risk her life for what ever reason the King has command, an as her reputation proceeds to follow her, she will normally follow the plan out. Though as of late she has become less trusting of those around her and has become less obedient to the Crown and her own Deity.

Biography & Family


Father: Carlonus Williams - Dead , Mother: Melena Gray Williams - Dead


Brother: Marius Williams - Alive



Other Family

No Information


Born during the season of Tear Fall, Melania Williams was the 2nd born to the ‘human given surname’ Williams family; Carlonus ‘Williams’ Being the Chieftain of the Dragonbane Clan. Their Kray surname was rather difficult for the King of Nova to pronounce; changing their name upon Carolinus’s first visit to the capital. However, Melania’s birth was not celebrated or rejoiced like her dear older brother. During the birthing process; Her mother had lost a lot of blood and finally died when Melania drew her first breath of life. The chieftain and Clan warrior; had lost his beloved and soul mate that day. His grief too much to even look upon his newborn child. Leaving Melania’s older brother by 10 years to be her caretaker. While Carolinus spent the majority of his time training new kray warriors into the clan and fighting among clan rivalries.

When Melania became 5 years old, Marius had grown to be old enough to join into the Kray warrior ranks. Thus having to take her out on the sideline of the training fields where Melania watched her father and brother train among the many warriors. There she met Malek. A ambitious young warrior; who was about her brother’s age. He was a odd one, but one that made Melania laugh and was comfortable around. They often played together on the days he wasn’t on the training grounds. Their time together bonding a friendship, that made Melania feel less alone in her day to day life back at home.


It was during the Harvest Sun season, on a hot day in Canto. When Melania first met ‘Fate’. A small boy with tan skin, A slender frame and black hair with purple tips. One eye was a beautiful emerald green while the other a striking bright violet. He had two smooth rocks in his hand and smiled at her when he approached. “ Take this rock. “ The boy demanded upon their first introduction. Puzzled, Melania refused to take it, which clearly made the boy upset. “ Fine, but its rude to not accept gifts.” the strange boy spoke, the rocks in his hand transforming before her very eyes. The first time Melania had ever witnessed magic.

That was when she decided she wanted to learn what this boy knew. Her mind set on unlocking its secrets and one day too learning how to impress the others within her clan. The boy smiled at Melania’s ambition and agreed to help. Introducing her to his mother, Caster, who lived just on the outskirts of the kray village. This woman knew so much about magic! The small child believed, amazed by Caster and her powers that seemed to come from her as if it was a natural thing. Melania begged to know the secrets, to be able to perform magic herself! So that way she could show her father that she too could be useful to the clan. To her disappointment, Caster informed her that there was no current way for her to learn or even perform magic like the gods. However, it was not impossible to do and learn if conditions were to be met and a exchange were to be made.

Melania listened to caster’s every word; Amazed and lured by the desire of a greater destiny than the one laid out before her in the clan village. Unware of the plans her father had made; or the fate of the Dragonbane clan itself. Melania agreed to leave the clan with Caster and Fate and to never return. On the day that Melania met up with Caster and Fate to leave the Clan Village; The moment the three had stepped out past the clan borders… Melania watched in horror as the entire clan went up in a erupt explosion of red. The entire clan gone in a vortex of strange dust that went up into the sky. The entire experience was frightening and tore at Melania’s soul. What had she done? Her father, brother…. Her entire clan…Disobeying the commands, Melania returned to the village...To find not a single living soul. Her heart shattered as she looked at the newly formed vents that ripped at the earth that was once her home. She took the time to drag the dead into graves; taking hours to bury her clansmen.

Only to find Fate had been watching and scolded her for breaking her word. In tears, Melania agreed to never do it again, following fate hand in hand to a giant tree in the middle of the forest. Caster had called the place the Arch of Ages. A school she had founded during her time upon this earth for those who would be willing to accept and be born with the gift of magic.

Melania grew the remaining of her childhood and teenage years within the arch of ages. Studying mostly in the dark arts of Zel and spending time reading about golems and puppetry. She soon began to experiment more with her dragonic nature. Often using the school grounds to practice her transformation ability with a young boy she had grown fond of over the years at the academy. It was during one of these training practices did her dragonic nature take full hold. If there was anything she could take back. It would be the day she killed her that young man. Shame and despair took hold once more while she buried him behind the arch. No longer able to face her guilt, Melania left to travel to Nova. Where she joined the military and fought within the Great dividing war.

She killed a lot of people during that time, was captured twice and managed to escape both times. It is during the great dividing war did Melania run acorss Bella and Stella. Two twins that were killed during the Great Dividing war, which Melania revived as golems to have better protection and company during the war. By the end of the great dividing war, Melania became noticed by the Regent who appoints her to Magi advisor. It is there that she bonds a friendship with the regents apprentice Breton Fair’lones. Who became her close friend within the castle. Melania soon discovers that Fate has been bound to a dagger. Where she agree’s to be Fate’s champion in order to keep him safe. When Breton becomes killed by Noku during an experiment gone bad. , Melania took the dagger fate had been trapped in by Helena. Fate agreed to save the man’s life if he were to be given a vessel. Melania agree’s and revives Breton as a puppet which Fate then takes over and begins to use.

Heart broken, Melania begin’s to piece together Fate’s plans and slowly begins to lose trust in her deity.

Spells & Abilities

Spells & Abilities

Spell list

Spell Name: Darkness Falls
Spell Lvl: Legendary MP 5000
Magic Type: Zel (Dark)
Description: A dark magic spell that requires the caster to offer their own blood or someone else as the tribute to cast this spell. Darkness Falls is an area spell that can span about a mile wide in all directions. (( This spell lasts the whole thread and can affect other threads if the spell is done on the same day as another thread once it cast. )) How the spell begins is the sky turns dark almost black. The clouds will then cover the area in a thick swirling black cloud that resembles a 'thunderstorm'. Once is the sky in the area is completely taken over by this ominous dark spiraling clouds. Droplets of blood will fall from the sky, anything that the blood touches will be stained with the color and then will begin to burn like acid. When the blood sticks to its target, flashes of black lightning will spark around the atmosphere before leaving and striking the target below that has the stains on them. Survival of this attack is very minimum... However, after Darkness falls has been used; Mysteria has to wait a full month to cast ANY more spells again until she has fully healed from the spell's effect.
Range: 1-mile radius from where she casts.
Times Per Day: Once a week: This spell takes up a lot of energy and blood.
Extra/Drawbacks: This is a stressful spell that can cause the caster harm if the concentration is lost. Also, the caster is weak from blood loss, depending on how much blood is sacrificed for the spell.

Spell Name: Soul Bound
Spell Lvl: Master MP 1000
Magic Type: Zel (Dark)
Description: A spell that allows her to create a puppet out of the black sand and dark magic. The spell works by finding a wondering soul that Helena has not collected and place the restless soul inside a 'puppet' body created by magic and sand. This spell lasts as long as Mysteria remains healthy and strong.
Range: Touch at first; once active her dolls can travel away from her, but no further than 500 miles.
Times Per Day: Once per day
Extra/Drawbacks: Her puppets can lose form or become less efficient if not maintained or maintenance weekly.

Spell Name: Protective Shield
Spell Lvl: Master MP 1200
Magic Type: Zel (Dark)
Description: A barrier that is normally either reddish or purple in color once cast. Reddish if the barrier is long lasting or large; Purple if it is quick and short bursts... This allows her to block a magic spell or defend against attacks for a short period of time. If the shield is static with no attacks being made, it will act as a barrier and remain functional until the connection is lost from the host. This shield allows her to put it on herself or other things through a command. " Zel's Protect "
Range: self, touch, or by command note.
Times Per Day: 3 times per day
Extra/Drawbacks: Her barrier has a limit of how many times it can be hit before it breaks - In long last mode it can only protect up to 10 strikes -advance attacks and 1 master attack. If Melania were to lose contentiousness then the barrier will drop. Also keeping a long-lasting barrier means she must give blood to keep it up.

Spell Name: Detect Magic
Spell Lvl: Advance MP
Magic Type: Divination
Description: This allows her to Detect spells and magic items within 30 ft of her if the spell or item is active. Items and spells will have a faint red smokey aura.
Range: 30ft
Times Per Day: 3 times, not back to back.
Extra/Drawbacks: This only lasts 1 post round and the spell can not be cast backed to back, must have a 2 post round re-charge. Plus it cannot detect anything that is beyond her range.

Racial Abilities

Racial Ability Name: Partial Dragon Transformation
Type: Poison
Ability Lvl: Master Level MP 2000
Description: This ability allows her to transform halfway into her dragon transformation. The dragon type she has chosen is Poison; Which allows her to use her breath attack that is pschotropic. Her breathability makes the mind think that the body is blistering out in burns and makes the body think its inflamed. Horns, a long tail, wings, and claws appear in this form.
Range: Self
Times per Day: twice
Extra/Drawbacks: Exhausts her a bit depending on how much of her breathability is used; she would have to take a half day to rest.

Racial Ability Name: Full Dragon Transformation
Color: Purple looks black in the sun.
Style: Western
Type: Poison
Ability Lvl: Master MP 3500
Description : This ability allows her to transform into a full dragon that she has studied over the years and has mastered the knowledge of this beast. The purple dragon, which is a dragon type based on Poison. Her scales purple and black in color which makes hiding in the dark or shadows easy. She stands 8ft tall on all three legs, with 20ft span wings and a 15ft tail that is whiplike.
breathability poison based 25ft spread.- which is psychotropic and makes the victim believe they are suffering from burns and skin irritation. If inhaled it quickly fills the nostrils making the victim think they are having trouble breathing. No real damage is done to the victim.
Range: Transformation Self
Times per Day: twice
Extra/Drawbacks: Exhausts her completely; she would have to take a full three days of rest. Also in full transformation, it is hard for her to tell who is friend or foe. If she exceeds more than two transformations she will have a hard time reverting back to her humanoid state.

Item Bag - Inventory

No Information

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