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Frost Fall, Month Gelu

Offering a detailed, lush, medieval fantasy environment with opportunities for epic tales and excitement lurking at every turn, TEAIR NOVA is a haven for writers that yearn for something different from the norm. Nova is a large Kingdom smack dab in the middle of a grand forest and edge of a jagged Mountain Pass; on a planet called Teair. People from all over the world flock to the capital Kingdom Nova because it's very special: Ruled by gods; A fallen deity by the name of Fate has found a way to bring other beings from different worlds, future time and or history into the planet through a crystal called " Soul " . With every being brought to the world of Teair, They always seem to spawn in kingdom Nova..... Or it used to be that way until rumors of Fated Rebels started to spread...

Now those who are ported into the world are spawning in a place called Gallows Bane, a underground town outside of Nova built to protect the beings that are dubbed 'Fated' -- counted on how they arrived here by 'HIS' the God of Destiny's power, Fate. Right now The Fated are not liked so much; Plus the native folks of Nova are on edge after what happened during a horrible explosion caused by the rumored Rebels to free a "Fated" traitor during a execution. With the outlaw woman at large; the King of Nova has become on edge. Nova is becoming dangerous.... So do you dare to enter and change the outcome of this world?

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Member List
Name Level Group Joined Posts Photo
Adrain * Archived 31-August 17 1
Ai NPC * NPC 31-August 17 1
Alexander Wulfric *** Noble 22-September 17 40
Allura Rose ** Civilian 21-December 17 12
Anu ** Co-Storyteller 26-August 17 14
Aqua Aingeru *** Co-Storyteller 31-August 17 100
Arthas Pellandar *** Guard Captain 30-August 17 32
Ashvara Khepri * Applicant 20-June 18 0
Balma * NPC 31-August 17 9
Breton ** Royality 15-September 17 10
Camaxlii Melchior *** Civilian 23-September 17 34
Careena Edara *** Application Mod 16-December 17 77
Caster NPC * NPC 31-August 17 1
Ceirwyn Llewellyn ** Royality 29-November 17 23
Cerna Faithgiver * Applicant 23-July 18 0
Cody *** Guard 14-October 17 32
Core Noru * NPC 14-December 17 0
Danihg Zuhn Bagoon * Civilian 7-February 18 0
Darkhor Kelaur Saurguse * Applicant 6-February 18 0
Diamond Corsica ** Guard Captain 11-November 17 16
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