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Offering a detailed, lush, medieval fantasy environment with opportunities for epic tales and excitement lurking at every turn, TEAIR NOVA is a haven for writers that yearn for something different from the norm. Nova is a large Kingdom smack dab in the middle of a grand forest and edge of a jagged Mountain Pass; on a planet called Teair. People from all over the world flock to the capital Kingdom Nova because it's very special: Ruled by gods; A fallen deity by the name of Fate has found a way to bring other beings from different worlds, future time and or history into the planet through a crystal called " Soul " . With every being brought to the world of Teair, They always seem to spawn in kingdom Nova..... Or it used to be that way until rumors of Fated Rebels started to spread...

Now those who are ported into the world are spawning in a place called Gallows Bane, a underground town outside of Nova built to protect the beings that are dubbed 'Fated' -- counted on how they arrived here by 'HIS' the God of Destiny's power, Fate. Right now The Fated are not liked so much; Plus the native folks of Nova are on edge after what happened during a horrible explosion caused by the rumored Rebels to free a "Fated" traitor during a execution. With the outlaw woman at large; the King of Nova has become on edge. Nova is becoming dangerous.... So do you dare to enter and change the outcome of this world?

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Careena Edara



Application Mod




Carry, Reena, Princess Pain-In-My-Ass




Half Human Half Demon



Imperial Princess of Pherana, Royal Enforcer

Relationship Status

Single with No Information




I am No Information


Careena is pale and has a fair complexion. She has a large chest and wide hips. Her eyes are scarlet red, which she got from her demon mother, a woman that she doesn't even remember. Careena's hair flows in luscious white locks, freely around her face and down her back.



Homecooked meals, a good drink, singing, enforcing the law


Rude people, disobedience, liars, children


Careena has the voice of a siren and loves to sing. She is also a talented contortionist.


Sleeps around, drinks socially but tends to overdo it because she is a lightweight when it comes to alcohol


She is fierce and fearless. As an enforcer, she tries to be fair in her judgements against everybody. Careena also has a fun side to her. When she is not working, she likes to let loose and have a drink or two.

Biography & Family


Father - Emperor Sampson Edara - Alive | Mother - Royal Concubine Kira - Alive


Alistor Edara- First Prince (36), Archon Edara - Second Prince (31), Esmerin Edara - Second Princess (29), Sareth Edara - Third Prince (27), Morrigan Edara - Third princess (26), Desmond Edara - Fourth Prince (25), Thea Edara - Fourth Princess (19), Mathus Edara - Fifth Prince (19)


No Information

Other Family

Grand Duke Jorgan Edara, Grand Duke Roland Edara, Grand Duchess Selle Edara, Grand Duchess Melina Edara, High Priestess Regina Edara - Alive


Careena is the fourth born of the Royal Family and is second in line to inherit the throne. She was raised just like her other siblings, trained to fight and educated in everything she could possibly need to run the empire should she inherit the throne. As much as Careena would love to someday take over the family business, she knew it was not likely to happen. She spends her days dedicated to her work as the Royal Enforcer, and in her free time, she practices her singing and contortions, mastering manipulations of every part of her body. Her acrobatic abilities also help with her combat skills, allowing her to evade attacks easily and strike quickly. Recently, her father had gained knowledge that Sareth's Kray traits had finally begun to show. Sampson decided to send Careena to check up on Sareth and see what truth was in this information and how strong he had become.

Spells & Abilities

Spells & Abilities

Racial Ability: Half Demon Form
Description: Careena grows horns and a tail as well as scales on her upper arms and thighs. Her strength is also enhanced significantly.
Range: Self
Times Per Day: 1
Extra/Drawbacks: This ability only lasts for one minute and her strength only doubles whatever her normal strength is. This ability will grow stronger and be able to last longer as she gets older.
Spell/Ability Name: Enhanced Agility
Description: Allows Careena to be extremeley flexible.
Times per day: Constant
Extra/Drawbacks: Careena has to stretch and practice every day to be able to use this ability as she gets older. With age, as any person would, she will become less flexible unless she continues to strengthen herself.

Spell/Ability Name: Enhanced Strength
Description: Careena may look like a small, weak girl, but the demon side of her gives her extra strength. She can do tasks that might normally take two people her size to do with ease.
Range: Self
Times per day: Passive
Extra/Drawbacks: Careena is not superhuman. She cannot uproot trees or throw boulders, but she is stronger than she looks.

Item Bag - Inventory

Family Crest Necklace, Sword with name engraved name on it, various outfits

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