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Offering a detailed, lush, medieval fantasy environment with opportunities for epic tales and excitement lurking at every turn, TEAIR NOVA is a haven for writers that yearn for something different from the norm. Nova is a large Kingdom smack dab in the middle of a grand forest and edge of a jagged Mountain Pass; on a planet called Teair. People from all over the world flock to the capital Kingdom Nova because it's very special: Ruled by gods; A fallen deity by the name of Fate has found a way to bring other beings from different worlds, future time and or history into the planet through a crystal called " Soul " . With every being brought to the world of Teair, They always seem to spawn in kingdom Nova..... Or it used to be that way until rumors of Fated Rebels started to spread...

Now those who are ported into the world are spawning in a place called Gallows Bane, a underground town outside of Nova built to protect the beings that are dubbed 'Fated' -- counted on how they arrived here by 'HIS' the God of Destiny's power, Fate. Right now The Fated are not liked so much; Plus the native folks of Nova are on edge after what happened during a horrible explosion caused by the rumored Rebels to free a "Fated" traitor during a execution. With the outlaw woman at large; the King of Nova has become on edge. Nova is becoming dangerous.... So do you dare to enter and change the outcome of this world?

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Ceirwyn Llewellyn







Wynnie, Wyn








Royal Advisor

Relationship Status

Single - Bisexual with No Information


Prim'teir Illusionist


I am No Information


Ceirwyn is fairly tall - standing at about five feet and eleven inches. Her gracefully curved body is fair of skin and clear of complexion except for the small row of freckles across her face below her eyes and along the bridge of her nose. Her hazel eyes gleam with sunlight on the brightest of days and this makes them look amber with an emerald hue. Her long crimson hair flows down her back and shoulders in wavy curls as if a fire were cascading down her person. Due to her bond to the bushy-tailed fox, Ceirwyn has adopted the pointed ears, claws, and tail of the fox as a mark of her bond. However, due to an unusual incompatibility between her phioric abilities and her magical prowess, Ceirwyn is unable to change her animalistic appearance traits - which are odd compared to most in some ways. One ear is slightly bigger than the other, she has two sharp canines on her upper jaw, instead of one tail, her body developed two - one of which is about six inches shorter than the other, but equally red and fluffy. Her nails are strong and sharp, and prone to accidentally scratching herself.



Dogs, Foxes, Strawberries, Ivy, Chestnut Trees, children


Small Cats, Raw tomatoes, slavery, mixing meat and fruit together


Singing, Advisory Ability, Diplomatic, Ventriloquism


Fear of her Magic Harming those she loves Her invoked elements cause fears to do with their polar opposite (Fear of Darkness when Invoking Light, or Fear of Heights when invoking Earth, etc) Allergic to Shellfish and Small Cats


Ceirwyn is what one would probably call "deceptively gentle". While her kind and nurturing nature is sincere and true, Ceirwyn is rather mischievous, and enjoys using her illusions to entertain and make people think twice about reality. An avid ventriloquist due to a long period of time spent alone, Ceirwyn enjoys projecting her voice to make it seem as if it comes from somewhere entirely different from her. Usually, this would be an inanimate object such as a door or a fruit, but most objects are quite open to her jokes. She is never malicious with her jokes, and wouldn't dream of causing pain to innocent people with her jokes. She simply believes life is much better if you can enjoy it and spread joy through laughter. This does not, however, mean that she wouldn't use her ventriloquism or other illusion abilities to mess with people who have cheated, harmed, or bullied others. Conversely, Ceirwyn is fiercely protective of her friends and those she cares about. Due to an accident she caused with her powerful Prim'teir magic a couple centuries ago, Ceirwyn's sense of loyalty and desire to protect is stronger than ever because she never wants to see those she loves hurt again - especially by her. While her time in Nova has helped her recover from the fear she had of herself and her powers, Ceirwyn retains ever a small bit of self-doubt - uncertainty of if she might ever cause a grave and tragic accident again. Ceirwyn is passionate, affectionate, and she takes romance seriously to a point. She dreams of finding a special someone to have fun and spend her life with, but she refuses to be physically intimate with someone she cares little for (meaning casual encounters are right out). While she would love to be a mother and have children of her own, Ceirwyn is attracted to both genders, and sometimes feels like she romantically leans towards other women. Romance with men, however, is not impossible.

Biography & Family


Father - Rhys - Deceased | Mother - Gwyneth - Alive




None yet

Other Family



Ceirwyn was born to a very happy couple - Rhys and Gwyneth. These two were relatively fresh into their adult years, and eager to have a child. Ceirwyn came around quickly, and instantly felt all the love a couple of eager, inexperienced parents could give her. Life was fairly easy for Ceirwyn growing up among other Phiorics. Her people adored children and did everything they could to make sure that she and her fellow children were happy and able to accomplish what they wanted.
As she grew up, Ceirwyn came to love the magical abilities her mother, Gwyneth, showed. Along with her abilities as an adult phioric, Gwyneth was quite the adept Earth Mage and knew how to make beautiful works of magical art with her manna usage. Her father, Rhys, while a fairly adept fire mage, preferred to hone his physical skills and abilities and mixed the two into a potent style of his own. Ceirwyn was impressed by her father's abilities, but found Earth magic and the things her mother did with it much more appealing.

When she was old enough, Ceirwyn began her own magical training - desiring to be able to do the same things her mother could do with magic, and hoped beyond hope that she were capable of using Ter'den. Hyro'ai wouldn't have been bad either - she had seen some of her kin use it to admirable effect - but she wanted to be like her mother more than anything. Initially, she was trained in Earth magic by her mother. The first time she tried to use such magic, it worked, so it was assumed that Ceirwyn was an Earth mage like Gwyneth. However, Ceirwyn's aunt on her mother's side urged them to travel to the Arch of Ages and experience things more traditionally - plus it would be good for Ceirwyn to see such a place of wonder and magic and truly get a feel for what it meant to have magical skill. Of course, this prospect excited the curious and adventurous Ceirwyn, who agreed to go to the Arch.

It took some time to get to the Forever Forest and the Arch, but they managed to make it without much incident; Ceirwyn continued practicing little bits of Ter'den as they traveled to keep herself familiar. Seeing the village that needed to be visited before one could reach the Arch of Ages, Ceirwyn was instilled with awe and a strong sense of urgent curiosity for the Arch and what it was. It turns out that the Arch was in a huge tree, and that it was an academy of sorts for mages and their like. There was also this sort of orb thing, she was told, that she was to touch to truly discover just what sort of mage she was - she felt it was sort of silly to touch an orb when she already knew she was an Earth Mage, though.

Of course, for the sake of her family and the certainty such an action would provide, Ceirwyn went through with the whole orb touching thing. It was intimidating to experience. Lots of mages with years of knowledge and magical skill were in attendance, and she felt like she was being judged or inspected or something along those lines as she was presented to the orb. She was instructed to place her hands upon the orb and focus upon it, and then the orb would reconfirm what she already knew.

As she placed her hands upon the orb, Ceirwyn couldn't help but close her eyes as a surge of fear and uncertainty overwhelmed her. Was it possible for mages to be phony? What if her magic skills were a trick played on her by someone with a weird sense of humor? Would the orb show her something weird? Did she look weird as she touched the orb? As she kept her eyes closed and hands on the orb, Ceirwyn could see some bright lights beyond her eyelids, and heard some sharp breaths of surprise and shock emit around her in tandem. What was going on? Unable to bear it any longer, Ceirwyn opened her eyes and saw people staring at her with wide eyes. Then she looked at the orb itself, and her own eyes widened.

Quite extraordinarily, and confusingly to Ceirwyn, the Orb was emitting multiple colors of light, not one, not none, but many. Blue, red, green, and others. She was confused, but someone explained to her that the multicolored lights meant that she was a mage capable of "Prim'teir" magics. Apparently, this meant that she wasn't restricted to Earth magic alone like her mother as she had originally assumed. Instead, she was capable of using all six elements at once. Earth, water, fire, air, darkness, and light. This revelation made Ceirwyn feel lightheaded and weak, but excited at the same time.

Due to this occasion, Ceirwyn was told that she would need more than her mother to teach her magic for her mother was only truly skilled and knowledgeable in Earth magic. She was offered the opportunity to study extensively at the academy itself - her parents offered room and board in the village for the duration of Ceirwyn's studies. They all agreed on the promise that they'd return to the place of their own in due time. Ceirwyn spent many years studying at the Arch of Ages academy. She enjoyed everything she learned, though admittedly had difficulty with some elements more than others - namely Fire and Darkness were pretty difficult, but Ceirwyn more or less managed to grasp them in the end.

In the end, her studies didn't end until she was an adult. She ended up outliving many of her instructors and fellow academics, but there was always someone there to help her learn her craft more. When her studies were finally complete in the academy, she returned to her parents, who she had managed to see fairly regularly despite her extensive studies, and they celebrated and stayed in the village for a few weeks longer to truly adjust to it all.

On the last night before Ceirwyn and her parents were to return to the lands of their kin, the three of them went to a pool in the forest they had been told about to experience the forest as much as they could before heading home. Ceirwyn felt a little ill, and her head hurt slightly, but she really wanted to impress her parents by showing them all that she had learned before they left. They arrived at the pool without incident and spent some time preparing and enjoying each others' company. Then, Ceirwyn was ready to really show what she could do. Her parents stood close behind her, excited to see her progress.

Everything started nicely. Her concentration held, and she was able to carefully manipulate caster sorrow and manna to beautiful effect, and her parents were very proud. However, in the middle of casting a spell, Ceirwyn felt a sudden sharp pain in the back of her head, and it threw off her concentration drastically. As a result, her spell backfired, and caused a large, hot and searing explosion. The pain wouldn't go away, and Ceirwyn had difficultly seeing or breathing, but she surprisingly managed to avoid too much damage to herself.

However, her parents weren't so lucky. The blast sent Rhys flying backwards and he hit his head severely on a large, sharp boulder. Gwyneth didn't get it as bad, but she was still knocked unconscious with a broken arm. The devastation dawned on Ceirwyn, and she broke down as she realized what had happened. Unable to bear what she had wrought - even by accident, Ceirwyn ran off alone into the forest - leaving her parents behind and she wondered if she'd ever come back.

Without a word to anyone, Ceirwyn began a self-induced exile from most societies, living day by day alone. She only ever ventured near small towns when she needed food and supplies, but seldom felt much like talking or interacting. Over time, she forgot much of her magic abilities as she had refused to ever use magic again after what she had done. She did what she could on her own, but it was rough and some days felt like they would be her last.

Years passed by without her realizing, and slowly, the world around her changed - especially the towns she came across, as they'd increase in population and activity or disappear altogether. As time went on, Ceirwyn developed a new set of skills to fight the ever-present solitude. She discovered that she could more or less project her voice in ways to make it sound as though it were coming from a different source altogether. This was quite entertaining and a welcome distraction from the otherwise monotony that was her reclusive life. Sometimes, when she had developed her skill a little more, Ceirwyn would manage to pluck up the courage to enter nearby towns to entertain the children with her new skills. She'd bought hand-made puppets to add to the "magic" and put together a show that slowly earned her the reputation of "The Puppeteer". Eventually, she decided to mix in magic to enhance the mundane skills, and found that she rather enjoyed crafting magical illusions, sounds, and shadows. It was entertaining - especially when she used them to pull pranks on bullies and sad sods who were up to no good.

This went on for a very long time.

Eventually, Ceirwyn's travels as the Puppeteer led her to the City of Nova. Surely a bustling place like Nova would want her show? It was slow-going at first, but eventually, she built up a small following of children and parents who looked forward to her illusions and puppetry. In recent times, Ceirwyn's routines were interrupted when a rather lovely (and quite sexy) woman crossed paths with Ceirwyn. This woman's name was Mysteria, and Ceirwyn was quite fascinated with the woman's tales of happenings in the palace - for Mysteria was an advisor to the king there. As far as Ceirwyn was concerned, the two built up something of a friendship.

Eventually, Mysteria helped Ceirwyn into the palace to show her around the place carefully. Ceirwyn had taken an interest in Mysteria's duties, and the politics involved. She thought she'd much enjoy being able to help make Nova a better place. However, this was cut short after some time when on one of the incursions into the palace, Ceirwyn was told that Mysteria was injured and was in the infirmary. Worried for her friend, Ceirwyn went to visit Mysteria, who told her she didn't feel safe in the castle anymore. Ceirwyn felt for Mysteria, and did what she could to comfort Mysteria, and offered to help her escape the castle using illusions to throw off anyone who might have taken interest to the fact. After a couple nights, Mysteria decided it was time to leave, and Ceirwyn set in motion a series of events that would help Mysteria flee without being bothered. She used her honed ventriloquism to set voices to lead people away, such as infirmary staff and some guards. She also used a clever mix of phantom items like swords and boards to put on a bit of a fancy show to distract those she couldn't get to move. She was happy to help Mysteria.

Interactions with Mysteria had given Ceirwyn some knowledge on the workings of the palace, and due to Mysteria telling her, was aware that a man named Breton - who was regent to the King - was behind her missing arm and was the reason Mysteria no longer felt safe in the castle. Some time later, she heard tell that Mysteria was accused of a series of dire crimes - which were false and meant to frame her. Ceirwyn went to Mysteria and offered to try and do what she could to clear her name. Perhaps if she were to become the apprentice to the advisor who replaced Mysteria, she could end up finding out a way to expose Breton.

She spent a short time as apprentice to Theo, who showed her a lot of interesting things, though their brief interactions were cut short when Theo was killed some time later. Apparently, he had been poisoned, and Breton was quick to point the finger at Mysteria. Ceirwyn had to hold back calling him out on that obvious lie, but she knew she'd only get in trouble if she openly accused the regent. She'd have to find another way. She knew Mysteria couldn't have possibly done it. Poisons weren't something Mysteria really knew anything about.

Ceirwyn hadn't felt such desire to help another in a really long time, and she was determined to clear Mysteria's name and keep Nova safe. She wasn't sure how she would do it - Breton had the King's ear and was quite crafty. Regardless, Ceirwyn would have to outwit the regent. She didn't mind the challenge.

Spells & Abilities

Spells & Abilities

Despite being a Phioric, Ceirwyn has very limited abilities related to her race due to the conflict between her blood and the Prim'teir magical abilities she possesses. As a result, she is unable to take advantage of the transformation ability that many strong phiorics have, though she retains the traits she gains from the Fox - her bond animal - in her humanoid form. These include keener eyesight and scent, enhanced agility and reflexes, and a slight increase to her strength. The eyesight and scent are a bit more enhanced than normal Phiorics in their humanoid form, but she can never take advantage of the full benefit provided the strongest phiorics. Other than her racial capabilities, Ceirwyn is a prim'teir magic user capable of mixing all the elements into her illusions for added effects of manipulative or debilitating consequences to the target. As a balance with her magical versatility, Ceirwyn can invoke up to three elements at once to gain a temporary boost to her resistance and potency with those elements. However, doing this weakens the polar opposites of those elements, so, for example, invoking water would increase water resistance and power, but weaken her power with fire and increase her vulnerability to fire magics and effects. The same goes for Earth/Air, and Light/Darkness. If Ceirwyn were to attempt to invoke polar opposites (such as Water and Fire at the same time), she would be subject to potentially lethal consequences depending on conditions such as her physical health, mental health, and the magic she is attempting to use with those elements.

Spell/Ability Name: Phantom Blades
Description: 4 Illusory Blades appear and attempt to pierce up to two targets. Upon successful attack, these blades cause pain in the minds of the victims as if they had truly been stabbed by a blade. Depending on the invoked element, these blades have different effects.
Range:Up to two targets within 30 feet
Times per day: Five to begin with
Extra/Drawbacks: If a victim realizes the blades are not real, their effect ends instantly. Fire Blades cause a lasting burning sensation in the phantom wounds for up to 30 seconds (2 posts). Water blades make the target feel nauseous. Earth blades make the target feel as though pieces of the blades remain within upon the main effect expiring for up to 30 seconds (2 posts). Air blades cause a discomforting moving sensation within the target's body for up to one minute. Dark and Light blades temporarily disorient the target. The duration is halved if there is more than one target.

Spell/Ability Name: Project Voice
Description: Allows the caster to magically transport her voice to make it seem as though it comes from some other source entirely. A magical form of Ventriloquism, Project Voice has a versatile line of uses. For example, if secrecy is in need, one could use Project Voice to use a nearby object to get information to the intended target. Potential for distractions and confusing shenanigans is limitless and fun!
Range: Personal Range up to 100 feet, though longer distances require more energy and concentration.
Times per day: Up to 30 uses per day with more "uses" needed at longer ranges- 1 use/0-25 feet, 2 Uses/26-50 feet, 3 uses/51-100 feet
Extra/Drawbacks: This spell requires the user to see the object they wish to "attach" their voice to. Darkness hampers use, while blindness makes this spell impossible to use.

Combat Style: Magic and Deception

Item Bag - Inventory

No Information

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