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Offering a detailed, lush, medieval fantasy environment with opportunities for epic tales and excitement lurking at every turn, TEAIR NOVA is a haven for writers that yearn for something different from the norm. Nova is a large Kingdom smack dab in the middle of a grand forest and edge of a jagged Mountain Pass; on a planet called Teair. People from all over the world flock to the capital Kingdom Nova because it's very special: Ruled by gods; A fallen deity by the name of Fate has found a way to bring other beings from different worlds, future time and or history into the planet through a crystal called " Soul " . With every being brought to the world of Teair, They always seem to spawn in kingdom Nova..... Or it used to be that way until rumors of Fated Rebels started to spread...

Now those who are ported into the world are spawning in a place called Gallows Bane, a underground town outside of Nova built to protect the beings that are dubbed 'Fated' -- counted on how they arrived here by 'HIS' the God of Destiny's power, Fate. Right now The Fated are not liked so much; Plus the native folks of Nova are on edge after what happened during a horrible explosion caused by the rumored Rebels to free a "Fated" traitor during a execution. With the outlaw woman at large; the King of Nova has become on edge. Nova is becoming dangerous.... So do you dare to enter and change the outcome of this world?

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Teair Nova wiki-page

Welcome to the World of Nova

Teair Nova is a Medieval Fantasy role-play set in the year 1745 O.D.

Offering a detailed, lush, medieval fantasy environment with opportunities for epic tales and excitement lurking at every turn, TEAIR NOVA is a haven for writers that yearn for something different from the norm. Here you can play Fated characters along with native characters within the in-depth world of Teair Nova. Where gods rule and there is something new behind every corner.

Teair Nova was based on a roleplay called Thieves of Nova; which started on Neopets in 1999. When the RPG became larger and needed more space to grow, Thieves of Nova moved to Proboards in 2000 where they remained until the site changed to Legends of Nova, then Crown of Daggers. Teair Nova, would be the fourth rendition of the story based off a parallel version of the first 'thieve of nova'. With it's rich history behind it, This telling of Nova is adaptable to mold into an epic story for any player characters! No matter what you create!! So dive into the Medieval Fantasy world where anything can happen!


The civilians of Nova are in a uproar with rumors. The rumor goes that the castle has fallen under a curse. The Nobles have fallen sick and even a few of Nova’s brightest have fallen to this blight that has stricken even the healthiest deathly ill. Like a plague of blackness that spreads along the skin. The castle of Nova has almost become empty over the course of a few weeks. In a months time, Half the serfs and noble court members were taken by the disease.

So far the Regent has closed the castle off to the public; Which the Crier shortly announced later that evening the King “ Is not feeling well. “ Civilians of Nova speculate that Noku’s commoner marriage has been the cause of all this bad luck to the Royal Family.


“Blood and Iron. Will change the course of man. ”

Whomever said those words were wrong. It was Fate who changed the worlds course and the power of a stone that brought the ‘outsiders’ into the world. The natives were wary of the outsiders at first; The civilians of the cities and towns called them ‘Fated’ due to their strangeness and stories. This was four years ago. The last fated to be reported appearing in the world at Fate’s alter was over a year ago.

Until recently…... The soul stone has begun spinning again.

Shadows on the Horizon

Recently reports of ill omens have been reported by merchants that make it through the Forever Forest’s nearly overgrown roads. Along with Nova’s own military scouts from within the borders of Kanto. Sickness and signs of dying flora and animals have also been among the reports but the most dismaying is the roving bands of what appear to be the undead in Kanto’s Territory.

Quick Rules and Guidelines

  • God-modding and Power-playing is not allowed....ever.
  • Character choices are to be made with ONLY character knowledge.
  • Threads containing sex scenes or heavy gore must be labelled M, R or [18+].

Account Guideline
  • Create a sub-account for each character.
  • You can have up to 5 characters.
  • Currencies may not be exchanged between characters.

Community Guideline
  • Be respectful to each other and staff.
  • Do not advertise other RP sites; unless in the advertise area.

A more extent and detailed version of our Rules can be found HERE ( THE RULES IS A MUST READ ) .

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Thank You, The Creator; Carrie.

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