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Offering a detailed, lush, medieval fantasy environment with opportunities for epic tales and excitement lurking at every turn, TEAIR NOVA is a haven for writers that yearn for something different from the norm. Nova is a large Kingdom smack dab in the middle of a grand forest and edge of a jagged Mountain Pass; on a planet called Teair. People from all over the world flock to the capital Kingdom Nova because it's very special: Ruled by gods; A fallen deity by the name of Fate has found a way to bring other beings from different worlds, future time and or history into the planet through a crystal called " Soul " . With every being brought to the world of Teair, They always seem to spawn in kingdom Nova..... Or it used to be that way until rumors of Fated Rebels started to spread...

Now those who are ported into the world are spawning in a place called Gallows Bane, a underground town outside of Nova built to protect the beings that are dubbed 'Fated' -- counted on how they arrived here by 'HIS' the God of Destiny's power, Fate. Right now The Fated are not liked so much; Plus the native folks of Nova are on edge after what happened during a horrible explosion caused by the rumored Rebels to free a "Fated" traitor during a execution. With the outlaw woman at large; the King of Nova has become on edge. Nova is becoming dangerous.... So do you dare to enter and change the outcome of this world?

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How The tradition of Guardians started

During the 745 period; The world was full of conflict and turmoil. Teair was in constant war with itself and all the gods could do was watch in silence while the world fought with itself. Saden, tired of watching the bloodshed from his home and fearing the imbalance in the world; Approached Mylee with an idea. He told the Allfather of a way to interfere with the world, without going back on his word of ‘not interfering’ in the mortal’s realm. Mylee listened to Saden’s plan, which pleased the Allfather.

The idea was to make a Tournament to select ‘Guardians’ to set out and perform acts for their chosen deity. Each Guardian would be honored and praised as ‘heroes’ that serve and would act on the will of the Pantheon. To aid the woes and problems in their Deity's stead when they were no longer allowed to interfere. So the moment the Allfather approved of this plan; He created the Colosseum Arena within Nova. It was then that the first Guardians Call Tournament began...For all who were brave, true, and willing to serve their deity fully until death, no longer needed, or deemed no longer worthy of holding the title.

Guardian’s Tasks

Each Guardian is normally given a task that their deity would like them to perform during events. The list below will aid Guardians on what to do if they they are unsure what to do. Doing these task will gain more favor with their deity.

  • Mylee’s Guardian’s
    Can perform ceremonies to bless a child’s birth anywhere in Nova including the castle itself.
  • Zeapon’s Guardian’s
    To be present at all Trials lest the victim be hanged so that they may pass judgment on their souls before they pass on.
  • Ai’s Guardian’s
    Can perform marriage ceremonies anywhere in Nova including the castle itself.
  • Saden’s Guardian’s
    - Inspect schools and libraries to ensure that books and knowledge are being well kept and offered freely.
    - Acquire dangerous or rare pieces of knowledge for Saden’s personal library.
  • / Fallen Guardian Caster
    Protect any magical items they come in contact with
    Direct young Mages to the Arch of Ages for proper tutoring
  • / Fallen Guardian Vennessa
    Can perform fertility rituals to help bless a family

Lesser Deities

  • Helena’s Guardian
    Perform funeral rites for fallen warriors sending their souls to the next plane.
  • Fate’s Guardian
    -Help the Fated adapt to the city
    -Make sure that Fated are safe whenever they come in contact with one.
    -Record tellings of large scale events in the city
  • Teleska’s Guardian
    Protects large Natural Habitats (I.E. Forever Forest, Crystal Springs, The Goudssael River, Willows Meadow and Dragon Breath Falls) from being destroyed.

Guardian’s Call Tournament

How the Guardian’s Call was Founded

When the ground work of the Arena was first being laid out; No one in Teair really understood the purpose or the grand reason behind such a grand open stadium. Most believed that the 3rd king of Nova ( enter king name here. ) had gone bloodthirsty, but after the last sandstone-brick was placed upon the stadium. The heavens opened and a winged humanoid descended to the middle of the arena. The humanoid announced the first ever Tournaments to be held within the grand walls, The Guardians Call.

The Guardian’s Call; Would be how the gods and goddesses decided their Guardians and the Guardian of this world. Of course now of days the arena is used for more than just the Guardians battles.

How to be a Guardian

If a person wants to become a Guardian they must enter into the Guardian’s Call Tournament held every other year within the Arena. Sign ups start at the end of the Festival of the Gods in the Harvest Sun season and last all through the summer months. The tournament has several events to choose from. - most non-lethal.

The Trial

Previous Guardians and New Sign Ups must compete in a challenge. A task that must be completed in a certain amount of time within the arena. The task can be whatever their chosen deity desires; Plus the terrain of the Arena can be altered to provide additional challenges to the character/s participating in the tournament. Who ever completes the task first, moves on to the next round.

The ‘Hero Guardian’

The Hero Guardian; Also known as the winner of the Guardians Call Tournament, is forever given a place within the Glade of Hero’s upon their ‘death’. The Hero Guardian is also given the chance to multi-class and allowed to participate within the King’s Courts during events held within the Castle.

Fallen Guardian

Fallen Guardians are those who have failed their god or goddess when performing tasks or doing something out of the Deities alignment. A Guardian that disgraces their deity, will eventually face punishment by their own god. In worst cases, the god completely turns their back on the mortal.

Previous Guardian

In Teair; There have been many Guardians that have served under the Divine for generations; Though after so many years. A Guardian that either retires, fails their trial within the Guardians Call or become Fallen will become ‘ Retired ‘. When a Guardian is retired; The person is no longer responsible for their previous Guardian tasks. A new Guardian has taken their place; So retired Guardians can relax or they try to enter the Guardians Call again to reclaim their title as Guardian again.

Previous Guardians that Once served the Kingdom

Claire - Guardian of Ai - Deceased

Shy - Guardian of Zeapon - Fallen

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